I'm a little cookie, named as Alifah. I was baked back in the 1998. Made from Malaysia. People said I'm a Taurus and istg I love cats and lucky cause they can't eat me. I'm not a delicious cookie for them. I'm also a cookie who loves k-groups TVXQ/JYJ. Last, I'm just regular cookie. A little piece broke off of me but i can taste just as good, uh-huh as a regular cookie can.

Back again! // Friday, 6 May 2016

Hey ho~ After two years back again ahahahaha Two years are enough for comeback to me I guess lol

It's really been a long time huh? AND LOOK! MY BLOG LOOKS REALLY CUTE AND LOVELY RIGHT NOWWW <3 oh sorry im just too excited hehehe I know the colour is not really well how to say... bright? Yeah its not that bright but so far I love the settings hehehe

Anyway enough of me and my blog. Since I haven't been able to type anything for frraking two years -like I said- A year passed -2015- and oppa went to millitary service ha ha ha ha except junsu oppa though maybe he would go next year sobs

It's just that I- I miss them so freaking much! I don't know if my unstable hormones influence me right now or its just purely me, I JUST MISS THEM SO MUCH! They are doing well yes and while completing their millitary service, they also gather fan boys so yeah they good and doing well but seeing their update photos isn't the same as seeing them performing their song or having them singing on stage where fans cheering up. No! It's not the same.

I miss them as TVXQ and JYJ. And talking about this I can't believe at Jaejoongie oppa. How can he worried that we, Cassiopeia wouldn't wait for him? Hmph! Oppa really. We have loyalty for you. And of course *cough* jaeharem *cough* too. And fyi I watch JYJ Fruitful Trip no subs yes people no subs for who-know-how-many-time already kuhkuhkuh I do understand but not all single words >.>

Wow I did type a lot lol My unstable hormones bring me till this fullstop. Yes that one fullstop not this. 
Anyway I hope tvxq and jyj will always be healthy and happy always! Yes yes my wish for them always~


To joongie oppa please stay healthy~ your akbun was great I love all the songs and comeback soon ppalli! kekeke its only few months away before 30th Dec we will wait~~ ehehhe

To yuno oppa, please stay healthy and take care of yourself. Don't be too careless and please be selfish for your health kekeke Our nice leader-nim do well okay? We still wait :*

To shimchangie, hmm yes yes just do your aegyo well in the police cf with Siwon oppa kekekeke We will just watch and look at you doing something you don't really like as Junsu oppa do ahahahhahaa we will wait~~

To chun chun oppa, even though we the cassies couldn't see you a lot right now but we always here remembering you. It's always oppa being in the cave hmm Do well in public service we will wait and please don't drink too much its no good :*

To junchan, thank you for your hard work just to make sure no one will forget JYJ. I will be anticipating your 4th album. Its gonna be daebak right? I know our Xiah will always gave us greatness kekekeke And stay being cute as you always been saranghaeyongg~~

That will be my 2016 comeback post! ahahahaha its full fangirling but oh well this blog is for fangirling now so yeah hehehe sayonara~

-Just Another Cassiopeia ✩-

Update!! // Sunday, 6 July 2014
Assalamualaikum.. Hi guys!! Finally updating.. Such busy life and seldom online on desktop now. hehehe

now, where to begin? hahahaha

Lately, missing the old dbsk and always feeling emoshinki. ugh, am i getting that old? lol.

ahh~ talking about old, my birthday has passed. well, of course bcs its in may. hahaha.
my birthday this year, not so........great, i guess. heee.
simply because my birthday is exactly on first day exam. worst like seriously >.>
my present was the physics paper.. can u believe it? -oo-
giving me the worst of the worst birthday.
but still its cool 'cause somehow like a mature day for me? ..........pfffttt!!! :p
and the wishes not that many but still thankful ^^v
i really love wishes from my dmalaz girls♥ and my nobita♥

nobita is no one ok? he's just one my closest friend from the boys and my cool, handsome senior. hahahaha
but yeah, he's cool. ex-crush tbh? lol

anyway, change of topic..... like again. hehehe
hmm, wanna talk about my dmalaz!!
really miss the moment of 6 of us together hang out T.T
hoping there's time. sobs
we will have time.. insyaAllah
and im hoping that we, dmalaz will understand each other more and more
and not having too much conflict among us
i love my dmalaz forever♥

now, talking about my current 2014 hobby and addiction...
i must say i go crazy for manga and anime nowadays...
my byuntae side bcs of BL is just too much!
wanna run away~~~~~~~ T.T
[hoping no one read this, have to keep my innocent, pure image]
hahahahaha. im not hypocrite or two faces ok but that side is our own privacy. lol
anyway, fav bl manga is...... secret! hahahaha. [i delete the name lol]

last but not least,
i always missing my 5 dorkshinki 24/7..
they are my passion, how can im not missing them especially in school days since i cant online T.T
well, truly will always keep the faith and praying for them 5.... always.

DBSK forever in my heart♥

thats it for now... good bye~~~~~ thank reading :*
p/s: sngaja speaking dlm post ni sbb klu luah perasaan mmg dk ssuai dlm bm bgi aku T^T
bahasa jiwa bangsa... serious aku dk prnh lupaa. hehehe. dlm hati bro! k thats it. bye

Salam Ramadhan... Assalamualaikum ^^